How to Forgive a Soul-Crushing Betrayal

I think we all know what forgiving is. To forgive is to let go of anger or desire for revenge. Although it is not easy, it is always recommended since it is good for you.

But that does not imply that you should enable someone to harm you once more. Making amends with the wrongdoer is not a part of it either.

Instead, forgiving brings a calmness that makes it simpler to continue living your life. It enables you to progress. It cleanses your heart from all sorts of anger and meanness.

But it is very difficult to forgive someone who has betrayed you, caused your heart to break, or even destroyed your soul. And we all know that to go on with our lives and be at peace, we must forgive.

But how can we forgive such a soul-crushing betrayal? This article is all about it.

Well, have you ever gone through something like that? If you have gone through this or still going through it, this post will be helpful for you in one way or another. For those who haven’t experienced something similar, reading this piece will help you understand what it’s like for someone to go through it and how they can recover.

Here are some steps to move forward in our lives and forgive a soul-crushing betrayal in any situation where someone has wronged you.

1. Stop blaming yourself.

Is this a self-healing technique? No.

We find it difficult to accept betrayal from someone so dear to us. I know you all realise that, as do I. But blaming ourselves will not solve the problem. Instead, it will make us more fragile, giving the other person a chance to gain from our situation.

We all know how terrible the world is

2. Accept the reality.

Accept the truth rather than placing the blame on yourself, believing that you caused that person to betray you or feeling that you weren’t worth that person.

Accept the truth that they deceived you and why they did so. It’s not always feasible that the person betrayed you because of you; there may have been dozens of other reasons. Don’t restrict your thoughts to only you and your problems.

There may also be issues with the betrayer, and perhaps it was because of those issues that they betrayed you.

3. Give yourself time to heal.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you didn’t recover as quickly as you expected or for letting that person betray you. You were the victim of a devastating betrayal, and now you must accept all that has happened and go past the wrong person and that period.

Throughout the procedure, be kind to yourself.

It will be simple to heal once you stop bashing yourself and admit the reality. However, it will take time. Give yourself some time and space. Take comfort; pay attention to it.

4. Re-establish contact.

Instead of breeding hatred in your heart, show that you have a huge heart. And you have gone on with your lives by forgiving that individual.

It’s important to show the traitor their betrayal won’t force you to waste your life or valuable time.

However, reestablishing touch with the traitor does not entitle you to re-establish a strong relationship with them or for them to continue to betray and destroy you as he did in the past. Instead, you show them that you don’t care what he did to you and have forgotten everything since you have gone on with your life.

That’s it. I hope that these actions helped in your healing.

Finally, I would like to give you some advice which will help you.

  • I would advise you not to let somebody break you. And how will that be possible? Don’t let people see your flaws. Also, make sure no one gets that close to you. Be independent, not financially but psychologically and emotionally, and decline help from others.
  • Realise your worth! People can be ruthless. Plus, nobody is concerned about others now. People are solely concerned about themselves. That’s why you must be your best friend and biggest supporter. Be kind to yourself first and then to others.
  • Also, prioritise forgiving instead of holding grudges. Instead of watering the seeds of hatred and ending all contacts, have the guts to forgive and reestablish connections. But this time, be careful.

That’s all for today. I’d want to wrap up this article on a happy note. Be joyful and allow others to experience similar joy. Forgive others and move on in life like nothing happened because I know YOU are strong.



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